We appreciate that parents/carers are the main educators of a child and we aim to work with parents. Parents/carers are welcome to attend sessions with their child at any time and we may need extra parent help during special Activities.  We value the support of parents as committee members, extra adults on trips, helpers/contributors re fundraising events and new ideas are always welcome.

Children’s Records - Notes are made re each child’s progress and interests on  a regular basis.  They will be jotted down by any member of staff during the session and thoughts on how to take the child’s learning forward will be suggested.  Parents are free to look at the records of their own child and make their own comments at anytime. Hence the progress of the child is monitored and planned activities and resources can be made available to help them progress further.

Key Person - Each child will be allocated a Key person who will endeavour to build up a relationship with the child and their family to encourage the child to feel safe while they are with us.

The Key person will be responsible for the physical care of the child, helping the child to feel secure and encouraging a sense of well being and confidence. Via the home-preschool book and communication between the child’s Key person and  parent/carer, we will encourage effective communication about the child’s needs and interests.

Helping the settling in process - Parents are invited to accompany their child on his/her first visit until they seem settled. It will also enable you and your child to start a relationship with their key person. This opportunity to familiarise yourself with names, faces and procedures will better enable you to discuss and share the group’s activities with your child.

We also have a home- pre-school book where parents can write information pertinent to a certain day e.g. a disturbed night, no breakfast and staff will write anything useful for you to know re that particular session e.g. a particular interest, a new achievement. It will be the job of one member of staff to get to know your child particularly well. This will be your child’s Key person and please speak to them about your child’s interests and any concerns you may have.

Parent partnerships

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