This is the first stage of the National Curriculum focusing on the distinct needs

of children to the end of  the reception year in the Primary School.

Foundation Stage Learning has seven learning Areas.  The prime areas,

particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for leaning,

and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive, are:

- communication and language

- physical development

- personal, social and emotional development

We, also, support children in the following specific areas:

- literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design

The indoor and outdoor areas are organised to give children plenty of space to move around, to work

on the floor and on the tabletops, individually and in smaller and larger groups.  Resources are well

organised and labelled so that children know where to find what they need and can be independent.

The adult at Leapfrogs supports children’s learning by observing the child at play and then by planning

to extend and develop the child’s spontaneous play.  Through this supported play, children can explore,

develop and use their curiosity and imagination to help them make sense of the world in a secure

environment.  They practise skills, build up ideas and concepts, think creatively and imaginatively and

communicate with others as they investigate and solve problems.

We recognise that parents/carers are their children’s first and enduring educators and understand

their children better than anyone else.  By sharing information about their children’s interests, strengths

and needs, parents can help us plan activities that will capture their interests and fire

their imagination and enthusiasm.  This helps children make good progress in

their learning.  Parents can write things in their child’s diary, speak to their

child’s Key Person and use special chat times during the year.

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