Children are free to play and explore activities of their

choosing. Adults will observe and support their play

and plan activities to encourage their learning. Topics

will be chosen after observation and discussion with

the children and adults will ensure that the learning

associated with the topic will include aspects of all the

Early Learning Goals to ensure balanced progress.

Opportunities available to the children will include

physical play, role play, small world play, sand,

water, art and craft activities, music, books, stories.

The children are encouraged to choose their activities

independently, gather together and arrange what

they need and also to put things away when they

have finished with something.

At an appropriate time during the morning, the children gather together for stories, songs

and rhymes and for healthy snacks. There is the opportunity for conversation with each

other and adults. Group activities may follow such as jigsaws, age appropriate games,

movement activities, group construction or craft activities and then children may return to carry on with, for example, the model they were previously engaged with.

At times we get together as a whole group to explore the village environment or we enjoy circle games, parachute play, music sessions, movement, ball play etc. or we have visitors to enhance our play and learning. Visits, outings and picnics are undertaken periodically. Sometimes we get involved with fund raising events for charity. We recently took part in lots of different activities for Sports Relief.

We recognise that each child is unique and our aim is to encourage them to become independent learners. We aim to create safe and enabling environments both indoors and outdoors so that children can follow their own interests with the guidance of sensitive and knowledgeable adults. Through a wide variety of child centred play and exploration and adult initiated activities, children progress towards Early Learning Goals in the Foundation Stage, as recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.  

We aim to be inclusive and will endeavour to cater for all children adapting our facilities and procedures, taking advantage of expert help where appropriate.


Our aims and objectives

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